VTA’s Bus WiFi Gets a Boost with SinglePoint’s SingleTRAK Solution

it's the vtaSanta Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is excited to offer a new app to its riders. Powered by SinglePoint’s SingleTRAK software, the app shows the real-time location of every train in the VTA system. A moving black arrow represents each train, while a flashing blue dot shows the user’s location. GPS in the phone and on each train allows our train and bus WiFi modems to transmit real-time location information. As CBS San Francisco reporter Kiet Do suggests, the new app could make riding the VTA light rail, “fun, more efficient… and cool again.”

Do tested the app from several VTA stops, keeping an eye on the map as the train crept closer. He concluded that the app was “dead on” regarding when each train arrived.

VTA’s timing couldn’t be better. The agency is rolling out SingleTRAK as construction booms in North San Jose. There’s a new 10-story Samsung building going up, along with thousands of apartments, all near or on VTA light rail routes. The VTA hopes that the masses of tech workers who will be moving into the thriving North San Jose area will be more likely to ride public transportation, knowing that a single click from the app will show the ETA of the next VTA train.

VTA expects the new app to increase ridership by eliminating the uncertainty of timing that so often prevents people from riding public transit. “For those people who might have been a little wary of riding public transit because of reliability, they can know that it is really reliable, and this is another tool to help know exactly when to get out and meet their train,” says VTA spokesperson Colleen Valles.

Our SingleTRAK software makes it all possible. Once a bus or train system has our train/bus wifi devices installed, it’s quite simple to add SingleTRAK. Here are a few benefits that agencies will see by offering SingleTRAK-powered apps to their riders, as the VTA has done.

Benefits of SingleTRAK for Public Transit WiFi Systems
–Seamlessly integrates with our public transit mobile wifi devices, making adoption a snap.
–Attract new riders by providing up-to-the-second arrival information.
–Improve operations by giving management a real-time view of all trains in the system.

Contact us today to learn more about our SingleTRAK software and how it could enhance your riders’ experience.

[Photo by Dennis Yang via CC License]