At SinglePoint, we’ve been privileged to work with both savvy individuals and progressive organizations who value the connectedness mobile WiFi can bring. Our clients are our partners – we work together to develop smart solutions tailored to their needs.


“It’s not easy to get Silicon Valley commuters out of their cars and onto public transit. One way we have found we can compete is to offer something that the car can’t offer: time! Time to surf the net, respond to emails, catch up with friends. The most frustrating thing about being stuck in traffic is thinking about all the things you’d rather be doing. Now, you can do those things while you commute, from the comfort of our trains, thanks to the new 4G WiFi service on board.”

Richard Bertalan– VTA Communications Systems Manager

“We live in a constantly connected world, and offering a way for our customers to stay connected when traveling with us only enhances the Megabus experience. Installing WiFi In Motion in our fleet helps us deliver on our promise of comfortable, convenient travel.”

Ralph Groen– Director of IT for Megabus

arrow-icon RV & BOAT OWNERS

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much happier I am since I got my WiFi In Motion. As a blogger and traveler, having reliable internet service is very important to me. Before I got my WiFi In Motion, I was having to rely on the campground’s WiFi system, which more often than not was a nightmare. Poor connections or no connections at all made it almost impossible for me to keep up with my blogging and communications with family, friends and business associates. To say it was frustrating is an understatement – it caused way more stress than anyone should have to endure! Not to mention the fact that the campground’s WiFi system is not a secure connection, so one does not dare check their online banking or conduct any online work that they do not want others to see! My WiFi In Motion is secured and password protected. It is much safer for privacy – not to mention easier to work with. Thanks for such an awesome product!!”

Alice from Illinois

“Finally! I have been looking for something like WiFi In Motion for years!”

Esther from Virginia

“I purchased the WiFi In Motion kit so I could have the freedom and flexibility of working on the road while traveling with my family.”

Michael from Oregon

“The wireless internet works in motion beautifully. Just as advertised. Thank you WiFi In Motion!”

Joseph from Texas