Are we there yet? Create your own WiFi hotspot on your RV or boat, and you’ll never have to hunt for an internet connection again. Stream movies at the campground, check your email from the boat, and keep your whole family connected wherever you are. With mobile WiFi on a boat or RV, you can:

  • Enjoy lightning-fast wireless broadband speeds – anytime, anywhere.
  • Avoid slow, unreliable public hotspots.
  • Protect your devices with a private, secure connection.

WiFi In Motion: Mobile WiFi for RVs and Boats

Surfing the web on your boat or RV is simpler than ever with WiFi In Motion. Our easy-to-install kit includes everything you need to create a WiFi hotspot that travels with you, including:

  • MAX Routers. Our rugged router lets you set bandwidth limits for family members, block harmful online content and surf the web at lightning fast speeds.
  • Antennas. Select your WiFi In Motion kit based on how you want to mount the antenna – magnetic roof mount, thru-hole roof mount or window mount.
  • Installation hardware. The kit also includes a wall mounting bracket for the router; 110 V AC and 12 V DC power supplies; and an optional hard-wire power cable.

Installing WiFi In Motion is a breeze. Just stow the router inside your vehicle, mount the antenna, and go – or let one of our technicians install it for you.

Data Plans for RV & Boat Owners

When you order your WiFi In Motion kit, sign up for SinglePLAN and connect to the internet directly through us. We’ve partnered with the nation’s largest and most reliable networks to provide data plans customized for the RV and boating lifestyle. Features include automatic bill pay and the option to shut off your WiFi for up to six months a year at no extra charge – perfect for when you’re not on the go.

Contact us today to set up your SinglePLAN data plan.

“The wireless internet works in motion beautifully. Just as advertised. Thank you WiFi In Motion!”

Joseph from Texas