Time is money. Today’s commuters can’t afford to wait in rush-hour traffic. What if, instead, they could spend that time connecting with the office, checking email and catching up on the latest news? By offering free high-speed internet access on buses and trains, you can help customers reclaim their time – while you reap the benefits.

  • Increase ridership by giving commuters one more reason to get off the road.
  • Bring in extra revenue through paid advertisements.
  • Improve the customer experience with innovative solutions for ticketing, disseminating route information and more.

WiFi In Motion: Your Mass Transit WiFi Solution

WiFi In Motion creates a mobile WiFi hotspot that travels with each bus or train, allowing riders to enjoy fast, reliable internet access on the go. Our device includes a 3G/4G router and a rugged antenna that mounts atop the vehicle. When combined with one of our multi-carrier data solutions for expanded coverage and increased bandwidth, the device delivers all the connectivity your riders want, without breaking your budget.

When you provide train or bus WiFi through WiFi In Motion, you’ll also have access to our full suite of hardware and software options, so you can:

Make more money. Offset your WiFi costs and add a new revenue stream by participating in SingleREV, our revolutionary advertising program. We’ll help you put ads in front of passengers – and pay you for it.

Effortlessly manage your WiFi network.
Our exclusive software lets you remotely monitor and configure all of your devices via a web browser.

Provide real-time route data. SingleTRAK allows riders to instantly view real-time bus and train locations via a web browser or handheld device.

Connect with your customers by connecting them to what they need. With WiFi In Motion, the possibilities are endless.

“The wireless internet works in motion beautifully. Just as advertised. Thank you WiFi In Motion!”

Joseph from Texas