• Private Charter

Getting there is half the fun.

Today’s travelers don’t want to sit idly by, waiting to arrive. They want to surf the web, stream videos and check in with their social networks – in short, they want all the connectivity they enjoy at home. When you offer free high-speed internet access on board, you give your customers exactly that. Integrating mobile WiFi into your private charter fleet allows you to:

  • Cultivate loyal customers by providing an unforgettable experience.
  • Open the door for new advertising revenue streams.
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge transit solutions.

WiFi In Motion: Traveling WiFi for Private Charter Companies

WiFi In Motion uses the latest technology to transform each vehicle in your fleet into a mobile WiFi hotspot, allowing passengers to connect to the internet via their laptops, tablets and other WiFi-enabled devices. The device consists of a 3G/4G router and an antenna specially designed for vehicles with height restrictions – together, they harness the power of cellular networks to deliver swift, reliable internet access to your customers.

When you implement WiFi In Motion in your private charter fleet, you can also take advantage of our full range of innovative hardware and software products to help you:

Boost revenue. Most passengers will gladly view advertisements in exchange for free WiFi access. With our revolutionary advertising model, SingleREV, you get paid for putting ads in front of customers.

Entertain and inform. Make time fly with onboard solutions such as SingleSAT, which delivers live satellite TV to your onboard AV system, and SingleVIEW, an LCD screen that displays video feeds, news feeds and more.

Keep tabs on your network. Effortlessly manage your network and track WiFi usage across your fleet with our exclusive software.

Today’s customers expect connectivity wherever they go. With WiFi In Motion, you can make the journey as unforgettable as the destination.

“The wireless internet works in motion beautifully. Just as advertised. Thank you WiFi In Motion!”

Joseph from Texas