The pressure’s on. In the heat of an emergency, public heroes need all the help they can get. Fire, police, EMS – the more connected they are to the resources they need, the safer the community. A traveling WiFi hotspot on board each emergency response vehicle enhances both the safety and effectiveness of public safety personnel. With WiFi technology, you can:

  • Link emergency response crews to vital information.
  • Instantly convert any crew vehicle into a central command unit.
  • Easily track the location of all vehicles in your fleet.

WiFi In Motion: WiFi for Police, Fire & EMS

Our cutting-edge WiFi In Motion system converts each emergency response vehicle into a traveling information hub. The hardware itself is simple – when installed on a police cruiser, fire truck or ambulance, our rugged router taps into 3G/4G cellular networks to create a mobile WiFi hotspot that travels with the vehicle.

For EMS, fire and police, WiFi access on board opens up a world of possibilities. Take advantage of SingleCAM, our vehicle dash cam solution designed for public safety applications. Link video surveillance systems, transfer data to license plate recognition systems, or provide a connective hub for any other peripheral device that enhances the safety and efficiency of public safety personnel.

Building safer communities is a demanding job. WiFi In Motion gives public safety personnel the support they need to be heroes.

“The wireless internet works in motion beautifully. Just as advertised. Thank you WiFi In Motion!”

Joseph from Texas