SinglePASS Simplifies Passenger Ticketing

SinglePASSThese days, you can pay for nearly anything online. So why not transit passes? Well, now you can. As our recent press release explains, SinglePoint has partnered with Globe Sherpa to create SinglePASS, a mobile ticketing system. According to SinglePoint CEO Rob Taylo, “SinglePASS helps us offer the private sector of the transportation market a secure, simple approach to passenger ticketing.” With SinglePASS in place, private transit operators will find it easier to increase ridership.

How could a ticketing system increase use of private transit? Well, for one thing, customers love convenience. With SinglePASS, riders can pay with an array of PCI-compliant choices, including debit and credit cards, PayPal and Google Wallet. No need to go to the ticket counter – just buy online and you’re all set to ride! The SinglePASS system tracks transactions and can deliver reports in .xml or .csv, a very convenient arrangement for transit operators.

Operators will also love how SinglePASS allows managers to make fare adjustments in real-time. The flexible SinglePASS technology allows operators to communicate zone and time stamps, loyalty rewards, instant promotions and service alerts. Finally, because less labor and fewer materials are required to complete ticketing online, SinglePASS should boost operators’ ticketing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

SinglePASS fits neatly into SinglePoint’s mission of providing hardware and software solutions to North America’s commercial fleet operators, public transportation groups and first responders. Founded in 2007 and based in Portland, Ore., SinglePoint has produced award-winning products, including the WiFi In Motion suite. This line consists of WiFi kits that may be mounted on cars, buses, trains and other transit vehicles to provide high-bandwidth WiFi access for passengers. SinglePASS is SinglePoint’s latest contribution to the transit market.

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