Beyond rugged WiFi hardware, SinglePoint offers WiFi analytics software, GPS tracking software, back-end management solutions and more.

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SingleREV, powered by HotSpotSystems, is a revolutionary business model that helps deliver a pay-per-use platform to transportation customers. For a small set-up fee, SinglePoint can get you on your way to charging passengers for high speed Wi-Fi. SinglePoint will assist you with the creation of your splash page, along with the creation of your pay-per-use options. You’ll be ready to collect payment overnight with SingleREV. Contact us to learn more!


InControl2 provides a consolidated cloud management service, allowing you to easily manage your fleet from any web browser.

With InControl2, you can now pull Wi-Fi usage reports, have insight into exactly how devices are being used, track your fleet and more. Contact us to learn more about InControl2 or to schedule a demo. With InControl2, you are finally in control.