Do You Know About Our Mobile WiFi Referral Program?

SailingDid you know you can have WiFi on a boat? WiFi for RV users is also available. Here at SinglePoint, we offer a mobile WiFi system that’s simple to set up and use. Plus, when your RV or boating friends learn about your internet capabilities and want to get their hands on their own system, you can get rewards.

SinglePoint’s Mobile WiFi

WiFi In Motion is the SinglePoint system that allows you to receive RV internet or WiFi on a boat. It comes with your choice of antenna as well as a rugged router to turn your vessel or vehicle into an instant hotspot via a robust cellular signal. This occurs by tethering a compatible cell phone to the router or by inserting a broadband card. SinglePoint also offers an optional cellular signal booster. When the system is set up, you can access the internet while you’re on the road or cruising in your boat. Unlike other systems, SinglePoint’s solution uses a truly imbedded cellular model, which extends the life and usability of your WiFi system.

SinglePoint’s Referral Program

We appreciate your referrals! When you refer a customer to us and they purchase one of our products, you will receive a $25 debit card. By participating in our referral program, you’ll also receive a custom coupon code for $25, a savings you can pass along to friends. Contact us for more information about our referral program.

The future of mobile technology is here. Is your RV or boat connected?

[Photo by: DoodleDeMoon via CC License]

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