Metro-Magazine Features Bus WiFi Article by SinglePoint CEO Rob Taylo

SinglePoint’s CEO Rob Taylo is a thought leader in the private/public transit mobile WiFi space. Rob’s article “Bus Wi-Fi Considerations for Transit Agencies,” was recently featured in Metro Magazine, an industry magazine catering to rail, bus, and motorcoach transit operators.

  • In his article, Rob focuses on the specific reasons why high-end bus WiFi solutions are preferable over makeshift, crude low-end approaches. Here are a few of the reasons why Rob argues for SinglePoint’s style of cutting edge public transit mobile WiFi devices:
  • Consistent fleet-wide deployment demands higher end options, such as synchronized, bird’s-eye views of public transit WiFi operations.
  • Low-end systems often suffer connectivity issues and electric problems. To maintain consistent WiFi access, rumbling buses demand world-class modem engineering. Poor antenna connections are another sign of low-end technology.
  • Simultaneous user limitations. Generic WiFi solutions are limited to accommodating a handful of users at once, but on a city bus you might need to support dozens of web-surfing passengers concurrently.
  • Finally, low-end solutions that aren’t designed for commercial use offer no way to switch to a different carrier. So, when your bus needs to cross country lines, or when a certain carrier’s network fails, low-end solutions have no way to keep the WiFi access going. SinglePoint’s WiFi technology allows for intelligent switching between carriers.

As WiFi technology is installed on more city bus systems, experts like Rob are predicting higher rates of public transit ridership. But in order to ensure that mobile bus WiFi systems operate smoothly, with no hiccups in service, it’s crucial to choose a high-end, commercial system, for the reasons Rob outlines in Metro Magazine. Learn more about SinglePoint’s public transit WiFi systems.