Emergency Medical Services Benefit from Mobile Wifi

Ambulance WiFiEvery day, the world gets a little more wired. Walking around your city, you may notice more and more signs boasting complimentary WiFi. As the internet moves into new areas of our lives, mobile internet accessibility is transforming entire industries, including emergency response services. WiFi systems such as our WiFi In Motion kit allow EMT workers to tap into local cell networks for on-the-go internet connectivity, thus improving health outcomes.

Our WiFi In Motion solution envelops a vehicle with a hotspot of WiFi access.  A police car, ambulance, or fire truck can be easily equipped with a WiFi In Motion system, which includes a router, signal booster, antenna, and mounting hardware.

Ambulance WiFi can benefit emergency workers in many ways:

  • Fill out patient intake forms on the way to the hospital, saving everyone time and accelerating healing.
  • Position vehicles more effectively. When WiFi In Motion is installed across a fleet of emergency vehicles, central dispatch can track each car and ambulance in real time via GPS. This allows for more flexible, efficient placement of vehicles around emergency situations.
  • Reduce paperwork and communication errors. With WiFi in Motion, EMT workers can submit forms and pictures wirelessly. Doctors and nurses can then access patient information through a secure hospital network. With group access, the risk of neglected or lost information is reduced. Healthcare workers will have far less paperwork on their hands with WiFi In Motion installed—no need to fill out more paperwork when everything’s already uploaded to shared digital files.

Ultimately, installing mobile WiFi can save lives by facilitating communication between EMT workers and hospital doctors and nurses.  Traveling WiFi access allows emergency workers to submit vital information more quickly—a game changer in healthcare, where life and death is often decided in a matter of seconds.

[Photo by: gwire via CC License]