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Public Transit Technology Aids Sight & Hearing Impaired Riders

Public transportation is a vital service. High-quality public transit can revolutionize a community by providing efficient access to all that the city has to offer. It can provide independence, community participation, and productivity for those who could not otherwise safely operate a vehicle, including people who are sight and hearing impaired. Most mass transit systems […]

When it Comes to Student Motorcoach Travel, Safety First!

Students represent 25% of all motorcoach passenger trips in North America, according to the Student and Youth Travel Association. Motorcoach travel allows young people to visit historic and cultural sites across the U.S. and Canada at far lower costs than other modes of transit. According to the 2010 Motorcoach Census, 99.5 million passenger trips were […]

Are Philadelphia’s Millennials Shaping Public Transit Travel Trends?

Millennials are a very different breed than Baby Boomers. As an example, Baby Boomers are likely to decompress upon arrival at a hotel room. In contrast, Millennials—typically defined as 18 to 34 year olds—are more prone to immediately access in-room WiFi. Online connectivity is a must-have for these younger travelers, who prefer to share travel […]

ABA Forms Bus Maintenance & Repair Council (BusMARC) for Motorcoach Industry

In June 2015 the American Bus Association (ABA) announced the formation of a new council: The Bus Maintenance and Repair Council, called BusMARC. This exciting new council will support motorcoach companies of all sizes in collaborating on maintenance and repair issues. The ABA intends for BusMARC to bring together experts in the field to advise […]

Top 5 RV Park Destinations for Wine Lovers

Picture this: Rolling hills glowing in the sunset; the company of your loved ones; and a glass of vino swirling in your hand. What’s in the background of this wine country fantasy? Perhaps you envision a pricey resort. But why not an RV? Given the posh appliances and amenities in the modern recreational vehicle, wine […]

Public Transit Safety Gets Boost from Mobile WiFi Solutions [Infographic]

Over 128,000 transit vehicles from 7,300 transportation agencies provided nearly 11 billion rides in 2013. As the population grows and more people move to larger cities, ridership across all modes of public transit—from buses to paratransit solutions—is on the rise. Not only does increased ridership help decrease traffic congestion, it also promotes individual safety, according […]

Can WiFi on Trains Decrease Public Transit Emergencies?

Recent events have focused attention on how passengers can protect themselves during transit emergencies. Earlier this year, a Metrolink conductor was killed, five Metrolink train cars were derailed, and 31 passengers were injured when the L.A.-bound train hit a truck and trailer stuck on the tracks. According to local news reports, dazed passengers exited the […]

VTA Pioneers Public Transit Innovation in California

On February 18th, transportation technology specialists from across Silicon Valley attended the grand opening for Santa Clara VTA’s new Innovation Center. SinglePoint Communication representatives took in the impressive new space, which was formerly a lunchroom and conference area. The modest room, with space enough for about ten desks, is now replete with technological gadgetry, including […]