VTA’s Bus WiFi Gets a Boost with SinglePoint’s SingleTRAK Solution

it's the vtaSanta Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is excited to offer a new app to its riders. Powered by SinglePoint’s SingleTRAK software, the app shows the real-time location of every train in the VTA system. A moving black arrow represents each train, while a flashing blue dot shows the user’s location. GPS in the phone and on each train allows our train and bus WiFi modems to transmit real-time location information. As CBS San Francisco reporter Kiet Do suggests, the new app could make riding the VTA light rail, “fun, more efficient… and cool again.”

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Connected Vehicle Technology: More than Bus WiFi

Freeway Bus WiFiA whole new way of driving is looming on the horizon. It’s called connected vehicle technology. Connected vehicle technology forms a grid in which cars and roadway infrastructure can interact. Think of it as an Internet of the Road, connecting vehicles with obstacles, traffic signals, other cars, public transportation vehicles, and more.

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Public Transit Goes Green: Bus WiFi Can help

Downtown Train Sacramento Public Transit Mobile WiFiPublic transportation is an inherently green way to travel. The more people on a single shared vehicle, the fewer single occupant cars on the road, and the fewer greenhouse gases emitted. According to an IFC International report titled “Public Transportation and Petroleum Savings in the U.S.,” public transportation reduces America’s annual gasoline demand by about 1.4 million gallons—that’s the equivalent to taking 300,000 cars off the road every single day. And the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has found that public transportation reduces carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons annually. But public transit agencies across the nation are working hard to make their operations even greener. Continue reading

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When it Comes to Speed Control, Public Transit Mobile WiFi Can Help

El Train Leaving StationShocking train crashes have occurred all over the world in recent months. From New York to Spain, investigators are digging into why trains have derailed, and how to change operations to prevent future collisions. Oftentimes, excessive speed on curves is found to be the root cause of train crashes. Positive Train Control (PTC) could prevent such speed-induced crashes. Let’s take a look at what PTC is, and how private and public transit mobile WiFi solutions could facilitate its implementation across American rail systems.

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The Growth of Clean Energy Motorcoaches & Public Transit Mobile WiFi

Electric Bus - Stanley ParkAccording to the World Energy Council, transportation causes between 20% and 25% of the planet’s energy consumption and green house gas emissions. Recognizing the need to protect the environment, many cities are incorporating green vehicles into public transit fleets. Likewise, private motorcoach groups are looking for ways to do their part for the planet by opting for green technology. Let’s take a look at some of the eco-friendly technologies transforming transportation. Continue reading

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Transit Companies Gain Edge with Bus Wifi Solution from SinglePoint

Transit companies across the country are installing SinglePoint’s WiFi In Motion Moovbox solution as a way to upgrade trains and buses. Today we’re taking a look at two Californian transit agencies that provide free Internet access for passengers using our transit WiFi solution. Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and East Bay’s AC Transit are attracting new passengers with an improved riding experience, including complimentary WiFi for riders. WiFi access through SinglePoint’s solutions can draw in new customers while offsetting costs through built-in advertising. Let’s take a look at how these two transit agencies have created a pleasant express bus commute with our bus WiFi system.

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SinglePoint to Attend United Motorcoach Association Expo 2014

This February, SinglePoint Communications is excited to be attending the United Motorcoach Association Expo in Los Angeles. From February 16th through the 20th, we’ll be introducing our charter bus WiFi solutions to UMA expo attendees. SinglePoint’s OEM technology solutions for mobile WiFi connectivity will be a main focus of our UMA booth #712.

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Agencies Turn to Bus Rapid Transit: How Bus WiFi Systems Can Help.

bus wifi New York City Bus Transit agencies across the country are adding rapid bus service to minimize pollution, support job growth, and relieve congestion. In Kansas City, Miami-Dade, and even around Aspen, these rapid bus transit lines offer convenience and comfort over other forms of transportation and they are drawing in new riders. Unlike the dawdling speed of inner city buses, rapid transit bus lines speed along, with fewer stops but more park-and ride options. Continue reading

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Motorcoach Mobile WiFi Helps Riders Make a Green Transportation Choice

Kentucky bus trip motorcoach mobile wifiMotorcoaches and private charter buses are the most fuel-efficient form of transportation in North America in regards to passenger miles per gallon of fuel. As cities get more crowded and fuel prices increase, buses and coaches play an important role in helping reduce the carbon footprint, relieve congestion and improve air quality. Thanks to motorcoach mobile WiFi, more travelers are drawn to this form of transportation. Continue reading

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Serving More Riders with Motorcoach Mobile WiFi [Infographic]

The motorcoach and private charter industries play a significant role in the American economy and are increasingly of use to the educational system, as they are one of the most cost effective ways for students to visit historical and cultural sites.  Along with motorcoach passengers’ increasing use of mobile devices, their expectations for available WiFi have also risen. Increasingly, private charter industries compete with public transit agencies, as many public transit agencies have adopted mobile WiFi. This infographic examines the private charter industry and explores how motorcoach mobile WiFi can keep riders connected.

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