Public Transit & Mobile WiFi: Millennials Lead the Way [Infographic]

Public Transit Mobile WiFiFor today’s generation of Millennials, those between the ages of 18 and 34, public transportation is a way to exercise good stewardship in regards to caring for the earth, the economy and local community. As the largest generation in the nation, 70 percent of Millennials choose a mode of transportation based on their needs, making them more multimodal than Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers,  according to the American Public Transit Association’s study, “Millennials and Mobility.” Similarly, this young generation is at least two times more likely to use public transportation once a week, especially when it offers attractive amenities, such as mobile WiFi.

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Will Electric Buses Lead the Charge in America’s Transit Investment?

Bus WiFi 23 Bus in Birmingham UKBuses are the workhorses of public transportation in America. Every year, riders take more bus trips than commuter rail, light rail, and heavy rail combined. Over five billion passengers rode buses in 2013, according to the American Public Transportation Association. Unfortunately, diesel buses are exceptionally inefficient, typically clocking in between 3 and 5 miles per gallon. What’s more, diesel vehicles are smelly and noisy. And even buses fueled with natural gas add emissions to the atmosphere. Fortunately, new technological innovations are allowing public transit agencies across the country to add all-electric buses to their fleets. Continue reading

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Can Train WiFi Play a Role in National Rail Safety Education?

Train WiFi Cheyenne Frontier Days Train - Pierce, ColoradoWhile train collisions have grabbed headlines in the last few years, statistics reveal that far more fatalities occur due to unsafe behavior around tracks. Consider that in 2012, 71% of transit-related deaths were pedestrians or cars that collided with trains. In other words, the majority of train fatalities occur due to unwise choices around train crossings. Operation Lifesaver Inc. hopes to change that fact with its train safety education program.

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Public-Private Partnerships Team Motorcoach Operators with Public Transit

Private Charter Internet Charter Bus Lines at Waterfront StationA new transit approach is gaining steam in cities across the U.S. Public-Private Partnerships (P3) pair public and private agencies to expand operations without increasing budgets. P3 transportation systems offer multiple advantages:

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City-to-City Bus Services Experience Fastest Increase in Technology Use

Bus WiFi Megabus Stop in ChicagoPassengers on city-to-city bus services are increasingly using technology, according to a DePaul University study. After collecting data from 7,034 passengers on 106 different buses, planes, and trains, the researchers concluded that passengers’ use of personal electronic devices continues to rise across all transportation modes. However, the greatest increase in technology use was found on city-to-city buses, such as Megabus. The study found that over 59% of passengers on low-cost express buses use personal devices en route, up from 46.4% last year.

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Paratransit Fleets Add New Technology & Increase Ridership in 2014

Paratransit Ride Right, LLC #147  2008 Coach & Equipment Ford E450The 11th annual METRO Magazine paratransit survey found almost 40% of paratransit operators added new technology to their fleets in 2012 and 2013. Survey respondents include 149 paratransit operators in 37 US states, and 1 Canadian agency. With over 12,000 vehicles represented in the survey, it is a good representation of national trends in this segment of public transportation. Let’s examine the benefits paratransit agencies enjoyed by adding new technology to their fleets. Continue reading

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Inner-City Transportation Challenges & Connectivity: Are We Missing the Bus?

Rosa Parks Inner City BusIn a white paper titled “Overcoming the Challenges of Inner-City Transportation,” IBM discusses the difficulties of providing reliable transportation in urban areas. Inner-city transit agencies face unique hurdles that must be overcome if our urban centers hope to support growing employment. Continue reading

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SinglePoint to Attend UMA Motorcoach Expo 2015

UMA Motorcoach AssociationHere at SinglePoint Communications, we’re looking ahead to January 18-22, 2015, when we’ll be attending the United Motorcoach Association’s Motorcoach Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana. The UMA Motorcoach Expo is the nation’s premiere event for motorcoach owners, vendors, and manufacturers. We’ll be there—at booth 1329!—to let motorcoach companies know about our OEM technology solutions. If you’re attending UMA this year, stop by our booth and say hi!

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U.S. Transportation Innovation Means Mobile WiFi is on the Move [Infographic]

Mobile WiFi SinglePointIn today’s connected world, the demand for WiFi access is greater than ever. With ridership growing across the board—from commuter rails to charter buses—remaining competitive is a matter of meeting this demand. Along with public transportation, emergency service personnel find increased value in WiFi-enabled vehicles. Across the country, connectivity in different modes of transportation is a reality. The following infographic explores how mobile WiFi has improved the transportation industry and meets the needs of not just riders, but service providers as well. It also shares how you can make the most of mobile WiFi solutions in your fleet.

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Leveraging Technology to Improve America’s Transportation Infrastructure

Montrose-Brown Line mass transit wifiTransportation challenges often seem impossibly expensive to solve. For instance, accidents caused by driver error would seem to require costly solutions, such as extended employee training, and HR interventions. Capacity limits appear to demand major investments in system expansion. And it seems that America faces a huge upcoming bill for upgrading our aging transportation infrastructure. Yet more and more transit leaders are positing that technology can solve some of these problems without requiring an enormous investment.

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