Does Free Parking Undermine Commuting by Public Transit?

Commuter train Public Transit WiFiHow can our society encourage drivers to become public transit commuters? The benefits of increased commuting are multifold: Healthier people (light rail users are 80% less likely to be obese), lowered costs (couples can save $9,000 a year by living with one less car), and even increased home prices (homes located near high-frequency public transportation lines are worth 42% more, on average). Yet some recent legislation appears to be discouraging public transportation in this country.

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Mass Transit Mobility: Future Concepts Include Robotic Podcar Vehicles & More

InnoTrans 2012This September, Berlin hosted the International Trade Fair for Transportation Technology, InnoTrans. From September 23 through 26th, the massive Messe Berlin convention center hosted the show over a sprawling 94,000 square meters of exhibition space. In InnoTrans 2014’s Future Mobility Park, hundreds of transport innovations made their world premiers. The Future Mobility Park showcased the transportation of tomorrow. For projects that hope to set the trend for worldwide, regional, and local transportation, the Future Mobility Park represented a central platform, where their ideas could take root. Let’s take a look at three of the most interesting concepts presented at InnoTrans 2014. Continue reading

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SinglePoint Communications Partners with MTB Transit Solutions

MTB Transit SolutionsSinglePoint Communications is excited to announce a partnership with one of Canada’s largest bus service, overhaul and collision repair firms, MTB Transit Solutions. SinglePoint’s WiFi In Motion products will be the exclusive WiFi solution for MTB. Liam Finan, MTB’s Vice President of Operations explains, “MTB has had a very trusted name in bus refurbishment and collision repairs across Canada and the Northeastern U.S for a long period of time. With this new SinglePoint Communications partnership, MTB’s customers can add WiFi to their coaches and transit fleets, an upgrade and a solution that can draw in new riders, hopefully increasing each of our customers ridership numbers and providing a competitive edge in the coach and transit industry.”

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What Can American Public Transit Agencies Learn from Europe?

Public Transit WiFi Pictures from London, EnglandTransportation isn’t a single-player game. It involves riders, politicians, transit operators, and contractors. In such a complex schema, it’s impossible for any single group to change the whole game on their own. Transit agencies can’t expect to immediately do away with the deep-rooted infrastructure that supports America’s driving habits. Compared to Europe, American cities have far more space, and we Americans tend to see our land as something to be developed, not something to be shared (as in Europe). Still, transit agencies do have clout. They can lobby for change. Today we’re taking a look at why America’s public transportation systems lag so far behind European models. Here are a few lessons that transit agencies could learn from their European counterparts. With these differences in mind, transit groups can push for transportation improvements. Continue reading

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Bus WiFi & In-vehicle Video Technology Improve Safety

New York City Bus Safety Bus WiFiAs the Internet enters increasing areas of our lives, it seems everything works better when it’s “wired.” From home thermometers to personal fitness, Internet connectivity can often improve performance. The same is true for bus WiFi systems. Transit bus WiFi connects vehicles to operators, customers to transit agencies, and riders to the mobile connectivity they crave. Today we’re taking a look at how bus WiFi can improve safety by relaying streaming video to central operators. Continue reading

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The Future of Bus Design Includes Bus WiFi Systems

Futuristic high-speed busAs traffic clogs cities across the globe, transit planners are recommending buses as a cost-effective, quick way to add public transportation bandwidth. Compared to light rail systems, bus systems can be up to 90% less expensive to install. Plus, with biodiesel and other green fuel options available, bus transit can cut down on carbon emissions. Let’s take a look at what tomorrow’s bus designs could include.

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The Drive for School Bus WiFi Gets in Gear [Infographic]

School Bus WiFi We know that modern school-aged children are connected to technology, but would it be beneficial for them to be able to use that technology during school bus trips or even during the commute from home to school? Did you know that 12 is the average age of a child when he or she receives their first mobile device? Combine that fact with the ever increasing lengths of school bus trips across the United States and you can get a picture of the potential of bus WiFi. This infographic examines school bus WiFi and much more.

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Join SinglePoint at the Oregon Public Transportation Conference

Oregon Transit AssociationThe Oregon Public Transportation Conference takes place on October 19, 2014 at the Seaside Civic and Convention Center in Seaside, Oregon. Sponsored by the Oregon Transit Association, the event will feature a variety of sessions and speakers throughout the week on topics such as generational marketing and customer service strategy, the new ADA Vehicle State Price Agreement, procurement, asset management and compliance and much more. Breakfast, lunches and dinners will be served throughout the four day event. Register by October 1st to secure your participation.

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SinglePoint to Attend APTA Expo 2014

This October, SinglePoint Communications will be attending the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Expo 2014 in Houston, Texas from October 13th through October 15th. EXPO is public transit’s comprehensive marketplace of the most innovative and cutting-edge products and services for worldwide public transportation, with more than 750 global suppliers. Occurring only every three years, EXPO expects to connect more than 15,000 industry professionals from more than 65 countries.

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Easy Wins for Improving Public Transit & Bus Speed: Bus WiFi Systems Can Help

Bus WiFi Metro Transit Authority-Orion VII Next generation“I don’t take the bus because it’s too slow!” This is an all too common reason for avoiding public transit. Fortunately, a group sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration has researched how to speed up the country’s bus routes. The Transportation Research Board published a report titled “Commonsense Approaches for Improving Transit Bus Speeds,” which not only explores the extent of the bus speed problem, but also provides answers from dozens of transit agencies. In the report, 59 transit groups across America described how they have responded to the difficulties presented by sluggish bus routes. The agencies report on the most successful actions they’ve taken to improve bus speeds and reliability. Read on to discover their solutions, and how SinglePoint’s bus WiFi solutions can also improve bus speed. Continue reading

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