SinglePoint offers cutting-edge mobile WiFi technology hardware solutions for mass transit and public safety vehicles.

WiFi In Motion Moovbox

The WiFi In Motion Moovbox is our rugged solution for transforming any mass transit vehicle into a mobile WiFi hotspot. Each of our routers provides consistent, high-speed internet access via cellular networks.

M300 Series. Our newest addition to the Moovbox family, the M300 Series, delivers WiFi, Ethernet and GPS via a range of carrier-class backhaul networks. The series includes:

  • M310 – This ultra-slim, LTE-ready single modem (dual SIM) features an entry-level price point ideal for situations in which space and budget are at a premium. Read more.
  • M340 – This higher-end quad modem (8 SIM) is just as slender but designed for the high-end, multi-country market, with advanced load-balancing/failover functionality. Read more.

Read our M300 Series comparison guide.

M320 - The award-winning M320 supports 2G, 3G and 4G cellular wide area networks to provide internet access wherever mobile data coverage is available. Whether for Internet services on passenger transport or secure VPN connectivity for public safety vehicles, the Moovbox M320 is a cost effective solution. Read more.


Protect your mobile WiFi investment with SingleCARE, our extended support and product repair plan. We offer one-year, two-year and three-year subscriptions to our comprehensive hardware, software and technical support. Although all of our products are built for rugged use and come with a limited one-year warranty, SingleCARE provides additional peace of mind for fleet operators. Learn more.

SinglePoint offers other onboard accessories that integrate with our WiFi In Motion technology. Ask us about SingleCAM, our in-vehicle camera solution, and SingleVIEW, our feature-rich LCD display for in-vehicle or on-ground use.